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icons - 8 harry potter; 1 sin city; 13 star wars

©robothearts@livejournal.com ©robothearts@livejournal.com ©robothearts@livejournal.com

01::©robothearts@livejournal.com 02::©robothearts@livejournal.com 03::©robothearts@livejournal.com 04::©robothearts@livejournal.com
05::©robothearts@livejournal.com 06::©robothearts@livejournal.com 07::©robothearts@livejournal.com 08::©robothearts@livejournal.com




10::©robothearts@livejournal.com 11::©robothearts@livejournal.com 12::©robothearts@livejournal.com 13::©robothearts@livejournal.com
14::©robothearts@livejournal.com 15::©robothearts@livejournal.com 16::©robothearts@livejournal.com 17::©robothearts@livejournal.com
18::©robothearts@livejournal.com*19::©robothearts@livejournal.com*20::©robothearts@livejournal.com 21::©robothearts@livejournal.com

* 19&20 match with the wallpaper here.

-do not alter in any way
-do not hotlink
-do not claim as your own

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i saw "Droids" and thought of baseball...I'm glad i never took performance enhancing androids.
i really like 9 but i'm not sure who it is...
haha...its that girl from the very beginning that gets killed.
love the hp ones. very lovely :D
love the HARRY POTTER ones!!! would you (and anyone else who sees this) like to

#1 and #2 are great, can use them?
GREAT s.w. icons. plz make more!
I LOVE 15!
Those are beautiful! I am drooling over 4 and 5 :D
These are gorgeous, I snagged practically all of the SW ones. Great work! :)
Snagging all SW icons.
K anything with Hayden Christenson needs to just be deleted...he's a fucking douchetard who couldn't act his way out of his ass. That said, Natalie Portman is a goddess in 14 and those droids are damn sexy in 20. Wait....i mean that in a totally asexual way...about the droids...not Natalie...she's very sexual.

haha! Brotha' said Douchetard
Beautiful icons. Lovely.
All I see is "Photobucket Bandwidth Exceeded."
uhh...those are the icons! what? you dont like them!?!!??kfjksfj;dsf

its because people are fucking hotlinking. pisses me off.

wait two days and they'll be up again.


11 years ago

credit when used
No. 02 is my favorite :D
2 & 6. Gracias. :)

Deleted comment

Oooh these are really pretty! Snatching most the Star Wars ones ^^.
Lovely icons; saving all SW and some HP. Probably only for my personal admiring; maybe I'll use some with Padmé, then will credit.
They're really beautiful! I take some SW, will credit! Thank you!:)
Wonderful icons! Taking #2 & will credit. Thanks! :)
Saved 3, 4, 10, 12, 14, 15, and 18-22. Thanks!